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Umbrella bases: stability, safety and design

Basi per ombrelloni: stabilità, sicurezza e design

When choosing a patio or beach umbrella, we often focus on the size, shape or colour of the cover, but we neglect a very important element for the functionality of the product: the base.

Choosing the right base for our parasol, whether it is placed in the garden, on the terrace or on the beach, is essential to ensure stability and wind resistanceCrema Outdoor umbrella bases are designed to meet different needs and are a detail to be taken into account to customise the design of the parasol.

Choosing the right umbrella base: placement and use

 The first factor to be evaluated in choosing the base is the positioning of the umbrella: the place where we are going to put it, the space available and the characteristics of the ground all affect the type of base to choose. A grassy garden, a paved terrace, or a sandy beach need different supports to ensure safety and functionality.

Another determining factor in the choice of the base is the way in which we will use our parasol: will we need to move it during the season? Do we prefer a fixed structure? Of course, the type (central pole or side arm) and size of the parasol also come into play in these evaluations.

Crema Outdoor umbrella stands are made from high quality materials and are fully customisable. Let’s now see in detail the three types of support.

Free-standing parasol base 

If you want to position and move the parasol easily, mobile bases are the ideal solution. These allow us maximum flexibility to “move” the shaded area where we like.

Free-standing bases for beach umbrellas are made of concrete, washed gravel or steel, with rubber feet and edges.

Larger parasol support frames  are made of steel with concrete ballasts, and can be decorated with elegant base covers that, with the addition of cushions, become comfortable seats. We can also install adjustable and extendable wheels or feet to make them easier to move, even with heavy umbrellas.


Base per ombrellone

Umbrella base to be fixed

Umbrella bases to be fixed to the ground guarantee a small footprint and excellent stability. They represent a convenient and unobtrusive solution, especially for already constructed reinforced concrete foundations.

This solution is suitable both as a base for smaller parasols and as a support for larger parasols, thus taking advantage of the reduced footprint of the base, being just 1 cm high.

Umbrella base to be cemented

The third type of base is the one to be cemented or buried: particularly suitable for terraces, bars, restaurants and green areas of hotels. It is perfect if we want a permanent solution, with a minimal footprint.

This can also be used as a support for small parasols and as a base for larger parasols.

The umbrella base as a design element

Selecting the right base is not only a functional choice to fix and stabilise our parasol, but also allows us to complete the design of the product, thanks to the ability to choose the material and colour we prefer. Bases also become an opportunity for additional seating or practical storage compartments.

Crema Outdoor also offers professional bases for gazebos, to make these outdoor structures safer and more comfortable.

Choose the Crema Outdoor umbrella base that best suits you!