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Professional beach umbrellas: how to choose

Ombrelloni da spiaggia professionali quali scegliere

Choosing the right umbrella for the beach is important to ensure stability, strength and aesthetics: to be guaranteed a product that meets all these characteristics, the solution is to turn to a specialised company.

Crema Outdoor was established as an umbrella factory in 1890 and thanks to its great experience today it produces umbrellas for all needs, offering quality and customisation down to the last detail.  Made in Italy and the selection of materials guarantee the realisation of professional, elegant and functional products.

In this article we look at what to consider when finding the most suitable professional beach umbrella, considering our needs.

How to choose the right beach umbrella?

Professional beach umbrellas must be both beautiful and robust at the same time, integrating smoothly into the context and ensuring ease of use. Crema Outdoor offers umbrellas that combine practicality and sophistication, with the option to customise the finish.

A first point to consider for the choice of the umbrella is definitely the shape: for sale there are round or square models, to be selected according to the available space and theaesthetic effect desired. For example, for those who want the classic beach umbrella, the Poseidon model is perfect, while those looking for a more contemporary design can choose the Crono square umbrella or the Zefiro quadrangular one.

The presence or absence of ruffles also influences our choice, because this detail offers an elegant and retro look to our umbrella, like in the Pagoda model. In contrast, the clean lines of the Narciso umbrella are better integrated into minimalist surroundings, where the parasol almost disappears into the architecture itself.

What about the number of segments? Even this purely aesthetic factor, influences our choice: if we are looking for a two-tone umbrella we might prefer models  such as Pegaso with 20 segments, and Zefiro, which impresses with its unique and original design.

The importance of materials

L'importanza dei materiali per gli ombrelloni professionali

On the beach, umbrellas are constantly exposed to the elements, such as the sun, wind and salt. The quality of the materials with which they are made is therefore essential to guarantee resistance, aesthetic beauty and safety over time.

Crema Outdoor umbrellas feature anodised aluminium rods, tear-resistant studs on the tips and mass-dyed acrylic fabrics to withstand the wind, UV rays and intensive use, season after season.

Customisation and accessories with Crema Outdoor umbrellas

The right beach umbrella is the one that perfectly meets our needs, both aesthetically and functionally. Thanks to the wide customisation options, the Crema Outdoor umbrellas allow you to choose colours and accessories in total freedom.

With a palette of over 30 colours for the fabric and more than 20 colours for the trimmings, our umbrellas adapt to every context, making them a real design element. The rods can also be painted according to the RAL colour of your choice, to characterise every smallest detail.

If required, different accessories can be included, such as storage tables, ashtrays, counters, coat hangers and special liners. For a high-end result, umbrellas can be paired with matching sun loungers and cushions.

Find the Crema Outdoor beach umbrella that’s right for you!