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Outdoor gazebos: how to choose the best ones

Gazebo da esterno come scegliere il migliore

A gazebo, especially in summer, is the ideal solution for creating large shaded areas designed to accommodate furniture, accessories and people. It allows us to shelter from the sun and organise meetings with friends while spending time in total relaxation.

We have already seen the difference between pergolas and gazebos, but it is important to remember that the latter is a light outdoor structure, suitable for sun protection, usually temporary, open on the sides and covered in the upper part.

A gazebo can be of two types, depending on the location:

Garden structures can be installed in private gardens or in outdoor areas of hotels, restaurants and bars, while beach gazebos are designed for bathing establishments and outdoor areas of hotels or swimming pools.

The materials and characteristics differ from structure to structure, but it is important to find one that suits our needs, so as to have an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting product. How to choose the right gazebo? Let’s find out in this article.

Materials for garden and beach gazebos

Gazebos can be made with different materials, such as wood, wrought iron and aluminium. It is essential to consider this factor in our choice, whether it is a garden or beach gazebo, because it determines the style of the structure and its functionality.

True “classics” of the gazebo, wooden models are particularly popular, thanks to the beauty of the natural material and the ease of construction, even with DIY. They fit into both garden and seaside settings and are lightweight and versatile.

Wrought iron gazebos have a more refined style and give the setting a touch of elegance. They can be decorated with special processes and are a solid and stable design. It is precisely because of this characteristic that they lend themselves to being set up as a permanent structure.

Aluminium models, with a contemporary style, are an excellent compromise between practicality and strength, because they are comfortable to carry and require very little maintenance. Aluminium gazebos also come in a folding version, which is extremely light and easy to assemble and disassemble.

So, generally speaking, if we are looking for a functional and flexible solution, with a modern design, aluminium models perfectly meet our needs.

Where to buy an aluminium gazebo?

Gazebo in alluminio


Having chosen the version that suits us, it is essential to buy a high-quality product that lasts over time while maintaining aesthetic beauty.

The Crema Outdoor aluminium gazebos  are made with quality raw materials and can be completely customised, from shading to sliding curtains, from side fabrics to colours or other accessories.

Both garden and beach gazebos are available in various sizes, with two models:

  • Leucos, a versatile structure that can change its intended use according to the setting, becoming an outdoor living area by adding a table and chairs or a relaxation area with sun loungers and a coffee table for a quick snack.
  • Afrodite, a comfortable daybed with two king-size beds with integrated storage.

And finally, how to decorate our gazebo? There are many elements that we can add to the structure to make it more welcoming and comfortable, from outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs and sunbeds, to accessories, such as plants, candles and cushions.

Find the Crema Outdoor aluminium gazebo that’s right for you!