Patio & beach umbrella bases

Our patio umbrella collections can be combined with different types of bases, such as mobile support bases and bases to bury or cement. All our parasols’ bases are realized with high quality materials and designed to meet any location need. In order to avoid damages and injuries, Crema Outdoor invites you to use exclusively original bases. It is necessary to pre-emptively examine the characteristics of the ground of the installation site in order to choose the safest and most convenient installation option.

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Patio & beach umbrella bases: typologies

The base of a parasol influences its functionality and design and it is therefore a fundamental detail when it comes to customizing a shade.

For this reason, we have designed bases for any need and taste. Space-saving, easy to be moved, aesthetically pleasing… we have it all!

Our catalogue includes three typologies of bases:

  • Support bases: they are easy to position and relocate and they are therefore a flexible furnishing solution. For smaller sun and beach umbrellas we offer concrete and washed gravel bases with rubber pads, border stainless steel tubes and varnished and galvanized steel bases. We also offer base frames with concrete plates that can be equipped with elegant base covers that, once our cushions are added, can become comfortable sitting areas. We also provide adjustable and extendible small base holders and convenient wheels for an easier displacement.
  • Fixable bases: they guarantee minimum encumbrance and are ideal for installation in already realized reinforce concrete.
  • Cemented bases: ideal for green areas of hotels, bars and restaurants that are looking for a permanent solution with minimum encumbrance.

Crema Outdoor is always available to guide our client towards the most convenient choice for their umbrella base, don’t hesitate to contact us.