LED Lighting

With the onset of the warm season, there’s a growing desire to spend more and more time outdoors, perhaps under the shade of an umbrella or a gazebo in a garden, patio, or porch. To savor these moments from dawn till dusk, you can complement Crema Outdoor offerings with LED lighting systems, thus extending your outdoor experience into the nighttime.

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H2: Lighting a Gazebo with LED

To craft the perfect ambiance for every event and meet any requirement, we provide our clients with two options: the Lighting LED system and the LED kit.

The LED lighting consists of integrated LED bars with dynamic white lighting, which can be controlled remotely thanks to a powerful wireless remote. You can choose both the brightness, creating either a more diffused or focused light, and the color temperature of the light.

However, if you’re seeking a more adaptable solution suitable for various settings, both inside and outside, you can select the kit with LED bars, each 50 cm in length and equipped with 28 light points. Included in the system is also a wireless remote, enabling you to easily adjust the light intensity to your liking.

H2: The benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is ideal for both private spaces and professional venues like restaurants, hotels, or bars. With the integrated lighting system, you can maximize your outdoor space and wholly transform it during evenings or special events.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, LED lighting also presents practical advantages. LED technology is renowned for its energy efficiency, which means you can enjoy extended hours of illumination without concerns of high energy consumption or escalated costs. Furthermore, LEDs have a considerably longer lifespan compared to other traditional lighting options, so replacements won’t be needed as often.