Infra-red heating system

Who said that an umbrella or gazebo is only for shielding during the summer months? To warm outdoor spaces and make staying outside enjoyable even during the colder times of the year, you can integrate Crema Outdoor umbrellas and gazebos with Infra-Red Heating, designed to emit warmth evenly in the surrounding area.

Thanks to its attachment system, you can control the heat direction to cater to your specific needs, while the wireless remote allows you to adjust the heater’s intensity.

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Warming a gazebo with the Infrared Heater

Infra-Red Heating can cover a vast area of about 50 m² (77.5 in²), ensuring enveloping warmth that will let you make the most of your outdoor space even on the chilliest days.

Whether it’s a garden, patio, or porch, this powerful heater will make the surrounding environment cozy and inviting.

How does the Infrared Heating System work?

The heating system utilizes the emission of electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum to generate heat. Unlike traditional heaters that warm the surrounding air, infrared heating acts directly on surfaces and objects, creating a sensation of warmth similar to sunlight.

Infrared heating is a safe and clean option: it doesn’t produce smoke, noise, harmful gases, or unpleasant odors, and it continues to provide lasting warmth even after being turned off.