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How to decorate a gazebo: 4 design ideas

Abbellire un gazebo

Beautiful and functional, the gazebos are perfect to be positioned in the garden or on the beach, creating a large covered space that can be used in both day and night. Thanks to the practical structure, the gazebos are suitable to be used in different destinations , such as a relaxation corner, meeting place or dining area.

To make the most of these solutions and make their style unique, it is essential to furnish and decorate our gazebo in the most suitable way, considering how it will be used and our aesthetic taste.

How to decorate a gazebo in the best possible way? In this article we have assembled 4 ideas to make our structure truly unique.

1. Furniture

Outdoor furniture is indispensable to equip and make our gazebo comfortable. There are many furnishing options available, and they can be selected according to your needs. To create a relaxing space, perhaps by the pool, we introduce sun loungers that are comfortable and original with adjustable backrests, ideal for sunbathing or reading a good book.

If we want to organise a dinner with friends, we will need spacious and resistant outdoor tables, with ergonomic chairs for all our guests.

We have already covered how to choose the right gazebo based on location and material: for a really pleasant aesthetic result, we choose outdoor furniture that matches the style and characteristics of the gazebo playing with different colours for the aluminium parts, seating and cushions.

2. Curtains and cushions

Abbellire un gazebo con tende e cuscini


To decorate the gazebo, the choice of fabrics and colours is also important: shade, sliding curtains and pillows are elements that decorate and make the structure more cosy.

If we love a classic style, we can add light curtains in neutral colours with matching cushions, while if we want to project a feeling of energy we prefer fabrics with bright colours and intricate patterns. The important thing is to pander to our taste and choose curtains and cushions that suit the context and the occasion.

3. Plants and ornamental objects

As well as furnishings and fabrics, what to put in a gazebo? To characterise and personalise the structure we shouldn’t forget decorative accessories. These are the elements that give that extra something to our gazebo, turning it into an impressive place.

Plants are ideal for decorating the gazebo in a natural and relaxing way. Placed on the ground, on tables or in transparent spheres and hung on a wire, the plants add a green touch that is always very appreciated.

Ornamental objects, such as themed decorations for a party or zen accessories, such as wind chimes, to create special sound effects.

4. Lighting for effect

To create theright atmosphere, especially in the evening, we play with the light: LED lighting with adjustable intensity, candles in the corners of the gazebo, coloured bulbs or outdoor lamps.

As well as making the spaces functional even in the dark, the light sources are perfect to decorate our gazebo in an original way and create an effective result.

Now that we’ve seen how to embellish a gazebo using furniture and accessories, let’s unleash our style and make our little oasis unique: Crema Outdoor products offer a wide range of models, materials and colours to customise the gazebo in every detail.

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