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How to clean parasols and outdoor umbrellas: effective methods and products

How to clean parasols and outdoor umbrellas: effective methods and products 1

Why it is important to clean your outdoor umbrellas?

Outdoor umbrellas are constantly exposed to rain, dust, sunlight and wind, that can damage the structure and the quality of the fabric

The maintenance of the outdoor umbrellas need a few simple steps in order to always have a clean and longlasting outdoor umbrella.

Follow our advices to enjoy the season outside underneath your outdoor umbrella!

Cleaning the outdoor umbrella: what to use

ombrellone da giardino
Minosse, outdoor umbrella.

For a perfect cleaning of your outdoor umbrella, make sure you have all you need:

  • Sanding brush 
  • Sponge in microfibre
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Cleaning product or mild soap

How to clean the fabric of the umbrella

The profesional outdoor umbrellas are mainly made of acrylic fabric. Its resistance to different weather makes the fabric last longer than other common natural fibres. In order to maintain the appearance, the resistance and the durability, it is important to follow a few simple but necessary tricks: here some handy advices to keep it clean.

spazzolare il tessuto dell'ombrellone      LAVAGGIO TESSUTO OMBRELLONE CON ACQUA E SAPONE

  1. Remove dust, leaves, spiderwebs, mud and little twigs, that you might find on the fabric of the umbrella, with a brush. Otherwise, you can use a air blow gun from a safe distance not to ruin the fibres.
  2. Use a sponge with mild soap water. It is fundamental to understand the type of stain that we have, in order to wash and remove the persistent ones.
    • Grease stain? Apply a normal cleaning product and leave it to work for ten minutes, then rub gently until the stain disappeare completely.
    • Mold stain? Prepare a 20% waterdown bleach solution and leave it work for a couple of minutes.
  3. Rinse the fabric with water and a clean sponge, then leave the umbrella dry in the sunlight for a better result. It is fundamental to make sure that the fabric is completely dry before folding the umbrella, to avoid mold once it is in its design cover.

How to clean the structure of the outdoor umbrella

Crema Outdoor has specialized in the production of professional outdoor umbrellas in aluminium and steel, which last longer than the traditional wooden umbrellas. Use a cloth on the pole and ribs to remove the excessive dust on the aluminium parts.

The maintenance is different for the galvanized steel and inox steel parts. Even if it is a strong stainless material, it can be ruined, scratched, oxidize and lose brightness in some enviroments, expecially if not taken care.

Be careful not to clean the steel with aggressive or scoury products, tools or solutions. Once damaged, the steel will eventually deteriorate. The cleaning products for steel on sale are usually very aggressive, they can be effective and fast, but it is better to use it una tantum because it can make the surfaces matte.

It is better to use do-it-yourself solutions made with natural ingredients, such as a mix with water, baking soda and vinegar/lemon juice for the inox steel. Leave it to work for ten minutes and than remove it with a sponge. Rinse and dry carefully with a soft cloth for a better result.

When to clean the outdoor umbrella?

The correct answer is: depends on your garden and according to your necessities.

The outdoor umbrella needs to always be cleaned before putting it away, however it often depends on the location it has been installed. If it is closed to trees it might need to be washed more frequently.

Taking constantly care of the outdoor umbrella will garantee a nicer, more practical and longlasting product. 

Did you dedicate lots of care to your outdoor umbrella but it is now time to change it? 


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