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The making of a Crema Outdoor umbrella

Come nasce un ombrellone firmato Crema Outdoor

Whether it’s umbrellas for the garden, terrace, beach, pool, or for bars and restaurants, Crema Outdoor products are always the result of attentive and competent listening to customer needs.

Behind each of our umbrellas is the experience of an Italian family that has been designing and producing professional outdoor umbrellas since 1890. We have always brought our customers’ ideas to life, seeking functionality, comfort, and meticulously crafted design.

Crema Outdoor umbrellas are designed and made in Italy at our facility in Montagnana (PD). We produce single, multiple, telescopic umbrellas, umbrellas with retractable closures, gas spring mechanisms, and even electronic umbrellas equipped with advanced home automation. There are numerous types of umbrellas we have created and can create. The mission of Crema Outdoor is to anticipate market needs and offer aesthetic and functional solutions.


1. Listening and Design

Our technical department, in collaboration with the sales department, listens to the customer’s needs, advises on the most functional solution based on requirements and frequency of use, and develops the project, even customized, using specific software.

2. Made in Italy Production

Once the technical design is finalized, the production department comes into play. It is divided into aluminum and fabric cutting, packaging, mechanical assembly, and electrical installations. Each phase is closely monitored and tracked in real-time using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), eliminating waste of time and materials, optimizing production for a more sustainable future in terms of costs and resources.

3. Quality Control

To offer, and above all, guarantee long-lasting products, we conduct meticulous quality control. Only if the umbrella meets the technical standards and the requested design, it can proceed to the packaging and shipping department.

Showroom and Outlet

Within our headquarters, visitors can explore our 180 sqm showroom to discover our offerings and available solutions for all types of outdoor umbrellas. For those who already have a clear idea and are looking for quality products at a more advantageous price, our website features the Outlet section with special offers.

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