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Outdoor umbrellas: which one to choose?

Ombrelloni da giardino quale scegliere

With the arrival of summer, spending more time outdoors is natural: gardens, terraces, balconies and patios become the ideal place to get together and relax, especially if properly equipped.

In addition to outdoor furniture, a key element is the outdoor umbrella, which allows you to create a comfortable shaded area and enjoy outdoor spaces at any time of the day.

But which garden umbrella to choose? The decision must take into account several factors and depends on our needs, the location and the space available.

How to choose the right umbrella: size, type and shape

The first thing to consider is where we are going to place the umbrella and, then, how much space can it occupy. An umbrella in a spacious garden can be much larger than an umbrella on a terrace.

The intended use also determines the choice: the needs of a commercial space with outdoor tables are very different to those of a private person who wants to furnish their balcony for dinners with friends.

There are many garden umbrellas on the market, but when choosing the right one, it is important to consider 3 main characteristics: size, type and shape.

Choose the size of the umbrella

The smaller round umbrellas have a diameter of about 300 cm (or one side of 200 cm if square), while the professional multiple umbrellas have dimensions up to 800 cm per side.

And how tall is it? A small garden umbrella  is about 260 cm high, while larger umbrellas can reach 400 cm.

Identify the type of umbrella

There are two main types of garden umbrella: central pole or side arm.

The central pole umbrellas are generally designed for those who do not have large spaces and need a small shaded area, but there are also models that cover larger surfaces. Very stable and functional, these garden umbrellas can be equipped with a telescopic structure, to open and close them comfortably even with items of furniture.

The side-arm models, on the other hand, cast a wider shadow, since the covered space is free from the central pole. Often these professional outdoor umbrellas are used by bars and restaurants, which need to cover large areas.

Select the shape of the outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas can be in one of  three shapes: round, square or rectangular. The choice of shape also depends on the needs of use and the space available.

In general, round or square umbrellas with a central pole are suitable for restricted areas, such as terraces or balconies, while rectangular umbrellas can cover larger spaces, such as outside hotels or bars.

Much also depends on the style we want for our outdoor umbrella and the context in which it will be used.

Ombrelloni da giardino per locali

Top quality materials and fabrics for outdoor umbrellas

The materials and fabrics used to make the umbrella deserve a special mention, regardless of the size and type of umbrella chosen. Buying an umbrella made of high quality materials makes the difference: the steel structure and components must ensure a stable and functional umbrella, even if large.

The quality of the fabrics also affects the functionality of the product. The umbrellas are constantly exposed to the sun and weather, so should be made with resistant fabrics, which ensure their function over time and will always be aesthetically pleasing.

Where to buy garden umbrellas?

A high-quality umbrella is a product that will accompany us season after season with the greatest reliability. But where to buy garden umbrellas to suit our needs?

There are of course many options, with different characteristics and price ranges. The best solution to have an outdoor umbrella that lasts over time is to rely on a high-level partner such as Crema Outdoor, where you can combine great experience with the quality of Made in Italy for customisable products with a unique design.

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