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Domotics is getting in our customs as an indispensable tool. For those who love comfort and technology, the use of automation system that rule the functioning of the house, represents the best solution.

First the parasol represented a residential outdoor or an Ho.Re.Ca space furniture; from some time, for designers and planners, has become a distinctive element of the widespread trend of imagine outdoor furniture as a natural extension of the indoor furniture.

The contemporary architecture limits to the essential the separation of two spaces and for this reason also on the outdoor we feel the need to use the remote control tools, that are familiar already, as with home appliances and devices that we handle.

Crema Outdoor and the first domotics

Years ago, parasols had exclusively manual opening and closing system. This operation can be difficult, especially with inclement weather. In fact for the opening and the closing were needed the use of mechanical components, composed by handle, steel cables, winches, pulleys and fixing system. The sudden coming of thunderstorm could lead to important breaks and closing operations have to be made in short times, taking moments of stress.

Crema Outdoor solved this problem, creating Adone 2.0.

This parasol used a first domotic technology. This because at the time where internet was not global and developed yet, we wanted to insert a closing and opening system to facilitate parasol’s owner, and who manage them.

Crema studied the motorized system of gates, and have included it on specific electronic boards inserted in parasols. With dedicated remote control and battery operation or connection to the energy source. Also thanks to preliminary study of designers and architects that now study ad hoc settings in the design phase.

The technology went on transforming Adone 2.0 in our Adone Evo.

The evolution brought to an update on the engine version, using the same opening and closing system of the sun blinds, adapting it, obviously, to the management of the largeness and the speed necessary to the parasol for practicality and safety. Adone Evo has this technology that find feedback on our client, moreover the ones of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

But the evolution doesn’t end here.

With the introduction of Pan Evo and Ganimede Evo, also the handiness of internet and wireless net,

and new more tech engine have been added to the technology pool.

The smart domotics

We make life easier, domotics, smoother for our clients that over time need control and practicality. New engines are equipped with a special wind sensor, innovative and functional.

Parasol comes to life, and thanks to a special system based on oscillations of the parasol, understand when to close for the wind. We can set the intensity of the wind, we have a dedicated remote control and also we can choose to close automatically. The amazing thing is that this innovation, which by the way Crema Outdoor is the first company to use it, make life really easier.

Finally, for the fully 360° domotic, all that is adjustable, managing and controllable from an easy app, actually on completion, that connect the all in a simple and smart way.  With a click on the phone or tablet you can choose and decide the room, usage scenarios and the life of parasols which in turn they feel the coming of a critical issue in the wind and send a notification to advise the user.

Let’s not forget that there are always adjustable lights on tone and on intensity, both by remote control and by app, and also the dedicated movements.

All this not only on a single parasol but all of them, if there is a wireless line connect to the control unit.

And so, the outdoor life is easier. Client is satisfied, and we are proud to offer an innovative product, favourite by Ho.Re.Ca. contract. Always maintaining the style that distinguish us and that is fundamental pillar of the Made in Italy.

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