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What’s the difference between a pergola and a gazebo? Here’s how to choose the right one

Differenza tra pergola e gazebo

Pergola, gazebo, outdoor umbrella, veranda: there are many options for decorating and sheltering terraces and gardens from the sun and spending time outdoors with all the comforts. However, we often get confused between the different structures and fail to find the best solution. What is the difference between pergola and gazebo? And between the pergola and the veranda?

In this article, we look at the characteristics and functions of outdoor structures, to find the one that best meets our needs.

Pergola or gazebo? Characteristics and differences

The term pergola generally refers to an outdoor structure consisting of vertical poles joined by horizontal elements, open on at least 3 sides and at the top. Its function is mainly ornamental: excellent as a support for climbing plants, thanks to the lattice-style roof, the pergola offers the possibility of obtaining a shady green space in our garden or driveway.

The gazebo , on the other hand, is a light structure, usually temporary, open at the sides and covered at the top. Ideal for installation on the terrace, in the garden and in recent years also at the seaside, the gazebo can be fitted with detachable shades on the sides. This property is intended to accommodate outdoor furniture and people for events or receptions, and is also perfect for hotels, restaurants, catering areas and as an alternative to the beach umbrella.

What about the veranda? The last one can be built on balconies, terraces or gardens and is considered a covered space enclosed on the sides by glass surfaces (or otherwise transparent) that can be opened. Unlike the pergola and the gazebo, the veranda increases the volume of the building and requires a planning permission.

Choosing the structure that suits our needs

As we have seen, pergola and gazebo have different uses: the pergola is mainly a decorative element to embellish the garden, while the gazebo creates a functional space to be used as we choose. If we need a large, covered shaded area, then a gazebo is the solution for us.

The Crema Outdoor gazebos are composed of a resistant aluminium frame and can be completely customised in their features, from the size to the sliding shades, from the side fabrics to the colours and accessories. The elegant design and the highest quality materials guarantee a comfortable product that lasts over time, perfect for any occasion.

Gazebi da esterno

Outdoor furniture and accessories to be combined with pergola and gazebo

Once we have chosen the right structure for us, we can focus on decorating our outdoor space with other elements to make it even more welcoming, such as chairs, tables and sunbeds.

In a previous article, we saw the ways to furnish a garden with outdoor components, enhancing the rooms and characterising each corner with our own style through the choice of accessories.

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