Squared umbrellas

Our squared umbrellas collection is a professional solution that can valorise any setting. It is composed by big patio umbrellas for gardens, hotels and restaurants and parasols for pools and seaside facilities.

Its elegant and essential lines and structural high quality make our collection perfect for an intense and long-time lasting use.

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Squared big umbrellas and parasols for the pool

The squared umbrellas collection is composed by central pole parasols (Adone, Minosse and Elio) available in different dimensions up to 700×700 cm, and by lateral pole parasols such as Efesto and Diomede which come in the sizes 300×300 and 400×400 cm.

Squared umbrellas for the pool and the beach have been an actual aesthetical revolution in a market where the classical round shape used to be the only option.

Zefiro and Crono have light-weighted and sturdy structures in anodized aluminium that consent an intensive use. Eos, the deluxe model of this line, with their minimal chic design, has a thicker structure that is available up to the size 250×250 cm. They are considered versatile parasols perfect for pools, spas and wellness centres and they are often combined with our king-size sunbeds.

The covers of our squared umbrellas are realized in “solution dyed acrylic” fabric available in many different colour shades. A polyester fabric that guarantees even more tension is used to manufacture the giant parasol Adone Plus since it.

Accessories for squared umbrellas

The accessories for our squared parasols include:

  • LED bars integrated in the ribs with temperature and luminosity regulation through a touch screen remote control.
  • Integrated infra-red heating system with heating regulation available on Adone, Adone Plus and Minosse
  • Conjunction gutters secured through a zip system for preventing sunrays and rain penetration
  • PVC Cristal curtains for protection from wind and rain. They permit the use of the umbrella even during the colder season
  • Support bases: cemented, underground or floor fixed cement base.

Accessories for our squared shape umbrella for pools and seaside facilities include:

  • Number holder, ashtray, storage table and protection cover
  • Different sustain systems with underground bases or bases in cement or steel to fix or cement or.

The covers of any model can be customized with serigraphic mono or multi colour prints of logos or any other content.