Rectangular umbrellas

Our rectangular umbrellas collection is a professional solution designed for furnishing decks, dehors, gardens and green areas of hotels and open-air caterings.

Outdoor rectangular parasols are ideal for business structures that consider their outdoor spaces as an extension of the indoors. Our collection is characterized for its original design and artisanal details, devised to guarantee the maximum security and sturdiness.

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The rectangular umbrellas collection constitutes of the line Adone (Adone EVO, Adone Plus and Adone) and the parasols Minosse, Elio, Diomede and Efesto. It also includes the multiple giant umbrella Olimpo, ideal for narrow and long spaces and designed to create spacious rectangular areas.

Each element of our rectangular umbrellas collection is devised to last in time:

  • aluminium and zinc-plated steel structures devised to guarantee the maximum sturdiness
  • stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • solution dyed acrylic fabrics and borders designed to make our products long lasting over time and resistant to bad weather conditions.

Rectangular garden umbrellas

The rectangular garden umbrellas are available in different sizes (up to 700cm) and can be provided with central or lateral pole. The central pole parasols Adone, Minosse and Elio can be equipped with either a support base easy to be moved or a permanent base to bury into concrete.

Our lateral opening umbrellas are the cantilever Diomede and the retractable Efesto. Both consent the best use of the space underneath.

Rectangular patio umbrellas

During hot days and warm summer nights clients are eager to relax in decks of bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities that becomes increasingly sought-after spaces. Acknowledging this demand, Crema Outdoor has designed the Adone line that together with Minosse are ideal for covering spaces of different sizes. Both models are equipped with a telescopic opening system that permits to leave tables and chairs underneath when closing the parasols.

The application of options such as integrated heating systems, crystal PVC curtains and connection gutters favour the use of umbrellas even during colder and rainy periods.

Rectangular terrace and balcony umbrellas

The central pole umbrella Elio is ideal for decorating smaller areas such as balconies and small terraces. Available in 2 × 3 and 3 × 4 sizes, it has a light structure that is easy to move but always sturdy and equipped with any kind of base. The solution dyed acrylic fabrics guarantee colours fastness and can be customized with prints and serigraph logos.