4×4 Umbrellas: Spacious, Comfortable, and Versatile

The 4x4m umbrellas are used both in private gardens and in bars, restaurants, and hotels as professional solutions. With their large canopy area, they allow multiple people to comfortably take shelter from the sun, making them ideal for creating cozy and functional outdoor spaces.

The squared design of the 4×4 umbrellas easily fits into any garden, patio, or veranda. They can be placed next to existing walls or structures, maximizing available space without compromising the overall aesthetics of the surrounding environment.

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Center Pole or Side Arm?

4×4 umbrellas generally come in two types: with a center pole or a side arm. Which one to choose?

If you have a smaller area, the ideal choice would be the umbrellas with a center pole, like the Adone model. If, however, you have a larger space, you might opt for an umbrella with a side arm like the Diomede model. These umbrellas feature a unique structure with an off-center pole, allowing for a shaded area completely free of obstructions, thereby increasing space and seating availability.

In any case, each type of 4×4-meter umbrella is available in a wide range of designs and styles. You can choose from various colors and materials to create an umbrella that perfectly suits your taste and outdoor décor.

A choice that stands the test of time

Crema Outdoor’s 4×4 umbrellas are built to withstand intensive and prolonged use. The sturdy frames and high-quality materials ensure the umbrella remains resilient to weather conditions, warping, and wear over time. This allows you to have a stable, reliable, and long-lasting umbrella for many years to come!