3×4 Umbrellas: the perfect choice for the outdoors!

Modern, versatile, and durable, the 3x4m umbrellas provide a spacious and comfortable shaded area without taking up too much space on a patio or in the garden. Thanks to their rectangular shape, they offer a larger covered surface compared to other models and can therefore shade larger areas like dining or outdoor lounge areas without needing to purchase more than one umbrella.

For this reason, 3×4 umbrellas are frequently used in bars, restaurants, and hotels to create cozy outdoor relaxation areas.

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How to customize a 3×4 umbrella

Once you’ve decided on the umbrella’s size, it’s time to customize it! At Crema Outdoor, we offer our customers endless customization options. You can choose the color of the acrylic fabric from a broad color palette and print the canopy or the frills, also known as valances, with custom logos or brands.

Likewise, each umbrella can be enhanced with various options like LED lighting heaters and gutters.

Which frame to choose

Beyond color and accessory choices, another consideration is the actual frame of the umbrella. Some 3×4 umbrellas, like the Pan model, have an offset pole, meaning they have a supporting structure on the side, allowing for wider shade areas without underlying obstructions.

The Minosse model stands out for its convenient telescopic system that always ensures opening and closing above tables even with direct ground mounting. These features make Minosse the ideal umbrella for bars and restaurants that need more tables with reduced dimensions.

Among the central 3×4 poles, we also find Elio, the lightest model in the maxi category, equipped with a double pulley for easy opening/closing. Its lightweight and manageable structure makes it suitable for a quick drink or lunch by the pool, with the option to move or remove it from its base as needed.