3×3 Umbrellas: a perfect solution for every setting

Umbrellas are essential elements for creating a shaded area and protecting oneself from sun rays during hot summer days. Among the various sizes available, 3×3 umbrellas stand out for their practicality. These models, in fact, offer a generous shaded area without taking up too much space.

For this reason, 3x3m umbrellas are ideal not only for home use but also for restaurants, bars, and hotels that wish to provide their customers with an outdoor shaded area. Their versatility and compactness make them suitable for various contexts, whether it’s a private garden or a spacious terrace.

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3×3 umbrella models

At Crema Outdoor, we offer various 3×3 umbrella models, including:

  • Pan – gas spring umbrella suitable for all outdoor settings
  • Minosse – telescopic umbrella for outdoor dining areas, verandas, and terraces
  • Elio – central pole structure for outdoor seating areas
  • Diomede – retractable arm solution for restaurants, bars, and hotels
  • Efesto – side arm umbrella perfect for dining areas, verandas, and terraces
  • Eos – central pole umbrella that creates comfortable shaded areas in gardens, beaches, pools, verandas, and balconies.

All Crema Outdoor models are made with sturdy and durable materials to ensure solid stability over time.

Extensive customization options

3×3 umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors, prints, and designs, allowing them to be easily matched with the decor and style of one’s outdoor space. From neutral and classic shades to vibrant and modern hues, there’s undoubtedly a 3×3 umbrella that perfectly fits one’s personal taste and the surrounding environment.