3×2 Umbrellas: Convenience and Comfort

The 3x2m umbrellas are the ideal choice for covering smaller outdoor areas such as balconies, patios, or other spaces with limited room. Perfect for both personal and professional use, 3×2 umbrellas create comfortable shaded areas where one can read a book, sunbathe, or enjoy an outdoor meal.

Due to their compact size and convenience, these models are often chosen by bar and restaurant owners. They are indeed lightweight and easy to handle, making their relocation and setup a breeze when needed.

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Endless Customization Possibilities

Despite their smaller size, the 3×2 umbrellas still offer a wide variety of designs and customization options. At Crema Outdoor, we provide the opportunity to customize the umbrella canopy by choosing from a vast color palette and silk-screen printing logos and bespoke writings.

Additionally, some models can be enhanced with accessories and optional features. The 3×2 Efesto umbrella, for example, can be paired with an LED lighting system, adding a touch of ambiance to the surrounding environment.

Durability and Resilience

Crema Outdoor’s 3×2 umbrellas are designed to provide long-lasting durability and resilience. Made with high-quality materials, such as acrylic fabric canopies and sturdy aluminum frames, these umbrellas are built to withstand the elements and everyday wear. The durable frame ensures the umbrella remains stable even in moderate winds. The acrylic fabric offers effective protection from harmful sun rays and ensures long-lasting color retention.